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when using a simple example of fulfill, inside a listbox, I get a null pointer exception, which I can't get rid of. http://zkfiddle.org/sample/38ipduo/44-Listbox-fulfill-attr-error

The fiddle above provides a working example of the error. Debugging the code, I can see the next line


being called twice. The first time everything seems fine, but the second time it seems some data is not filled in, causing the NPE. Any ideas how can I work the fiddle work correctly? Man thanks in advance.


  <button id="btn" label="show" ></button>
      <div fulfill="btn.onClick">
      Hello world
  <textbox value="@{person.name}" inplace="true" ></textbox>

I'm trying a list with a single record, as one initial answer in the zk forums suggested several id="btn" elements may be causing conflicts. THe fiddle is using zk 5. I have tried with 6.5 and got a similar error.

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If you read the error when using 6.5 you see that zk trys to add the div
to the button as a child which is impossible.
I am not sure if this is a bug you may check the fulfill part of zk doc.
Using Event Listening and add the Component on java side should be the best workaround.

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