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I have an application running on Linux Fedora. The application downloads some resources from the Internet. I would like to monitor network traffic and see how many bytes the application downloaded. I see it working in this way.

  1. I start a network monitor
  2. Lunch the application
  3. Application stops after execution
  4. I stop the network monitor and get statistics

I work on server and there are no GUI, only remote console. I don't need IPs, only number of bytes.

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If you only have access to console, TCPdump would be the way to go. It should be installed on your linux box already. You'll have to find out the hardware interface associated with your internet connection via a call to ifconfig. You then start tcpdump so that it listens to this interface via the '-i' option. You've then got a number of different options on what you'd like tcpdump to ouputput - see the man page for more info.

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iftop command give you nice view about inbound and outbound traffic stats

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Wireshark or tcpdump will do that for you. There are other tools to "monitor" traffic, but if you want to have a detailed analysis these are your tools of choice.

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Sounds like you need WireShark. If you want to remain in the console, check out TCPdump.

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I really enjoyed working with vnstat


I used it on my last dante proxy server along side with nethogs


(edit) ^ console tools

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