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Is there any way in ExtJs MVC to put a button handler inside a controller, something like this:

    'storage_settings button[action=submit_settings]': {
     handler: this.submit_settings_handler

Or do I have to use something else like a click event?

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Well, your code does define the button to listen to (storage_settings button[action=submit_settings]) but not the event to listen to (unless there's an event called handler, which there isn't).

handler is a config option you can give if your'e not using MVC (thus the handler will be within the view code). Since you are using MVC, you should listen to the click event. So:

    'storage_settings button[action=submit_settings]': {
         click: this.submit_settings_handler

This should also work:

    'storage_settings button[action=submit_settings]': {
         click: function( aButton, aEvent, aOptions )
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