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My VideoJS and HTML5 project is targeting more recent web browsers ( newer versions of FireFox and Chrome ) as well as mobile browsers ( Android2.3+ and IOS4+ ).

I want all my videos to autoplay after they are "ready". I've tried doing this a couple ways ( mentioned in methods below ) but noticed that the autoplay only really works in FireFox and Chrome -- meaning the mobile browsers just sit and spin.

I haven't gotten as far as debugging the mobile browsers in their native emulators cause i wanted to see if someone here had previous advice on how to trouble shoot this.


Method 1

Add the autoplay="true" attribute to the <video> tag:

<video id="my_videoplayer" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" controls
autoplay="true" preload="auto" width="425" height="225" poster="/img/Logo.png"
    {% if is_help_video %}
    <source src="{{rackspace_cdn_url}}{{video_id}}" type="{{video_type}}">
    {% else %}
    <source src="{{rackspace_cdn_url}}{{video_id}}" type="{{video_type}}">
    {% endif %}

Method 2

Remove autoplay="true" attribute from <video> tag and try it through the VideoJS API on "ready" callback:


    MIMIC.video_player = this;

    this.addEvent( "ended", function(){

        {% if not is_help_video %}
            show_transition( true );
        {% endif %}


    **  try autoplay

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This is strange because I've been using autoplay with jPlayer (which has a ton of other problems, though) and it works on Android too. So there must be a way to make it work... –  user1971297 Jan 11 '13 at 22:17

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iOS browsers don't support playback before any human interaction. Autoplay just does not work, and there has to be a touch/click event before initiating playback via the API. Android browsers now follow that behaviour.

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Is there a way to add a conditional to the code so that a button appears for mobile browsers but it autoplays on desktop browsers? –  James Morrison Apr 10 at 1:21

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