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I am having a problem with a PHP script, so the link is like this: page.php?id=1412.

But I don't want to get the data using $_GET['id']; is there a way for the program to recognize the URL like this localhost/1412, and then try to find the 1412 in the id field in database?

If possible how can I avoid the Not Found page ? since the folder 1412 does not exist ?

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For all of this kind of matching you need to use either .htaccess files for apache, or similar functionality implemented in the configuration files of nginx/lighthttpd and so on. Basicly, when a request like x/1412 will come, you can match it before being dispatched to the php engine and transform it internally into x?id=1412 . Other solution involves redirecting all requests to a front controller (a script that is serving as a single entry point into the application) and let a url matcher match the route to execute. The latter is implemented in about every big/small php framework.

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You could regex the current uri ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']). See for creating regex: PHP URL Regex and Parameter

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.htaccess file is a solution, you can access this type of url and can send the value to php files using .htaccess file refer this nice article for doing this

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