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I am developing a social networking website using asp.net 3.5 and sql server 2008. I need reference links, sites or reference books which help on knowing what are the best practices, code patterns and best third party tools to integrate and work on. Any suggestions from you people will help me greatly. T Thanks

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I found this book a great read and should help:


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Got this book at home. Has lot of code examples and explainsin detail what each section should do and how to accomplish building it. – Chris Aug 22 '10 at 12:53

You need to figure out exactly how your site will be used and the scale you envisage, at small scales you can implement it as you please with minor challenges, however the problem comes as you scale up.

I would suggest reading the server and database architecture reports on major interactive sites, such as facebook and twitter to see what kind of problems they ran into, and how they solved them, even including stack overflow itself!

There are plenty of blogs such as http://highscalability.com/ which analyse what current social networking sites and similar sites have done aswell as the technical challenges involved.

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Thanks Tom. I will look into those blogs. – Sunny Dec 15 '09 at 11:01

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