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Whats the best way to organize code in Rebol?
(Rebol2, not Rebol3. Rebol3 will have import, as it seems.)

Is the do %myfunctions.r-style all that is needed? There is no real package statement like in Java, or #include like in C?
Do community-approved naming conventions exist?
Could http://www.rebol.it/power-mezz/mezz/module.html be considered a standard?

I read somewhere that I could build my own module system as well. But this seems not like a sensible approach to me.

Is this discussion doomed as Rebol3 will be finished soon? ;-)

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In answer to your 'doomed' question, the uptick in interest following the open-sourcing of Rebol is encouraging. I guess it remains to be seen if this becomes a sustained effort that delivers. –  rgchris Jan 21 '13 at 19:47

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Some subjects I know use my include.r, released under Apache 2.0 now. It is not a module system but you may find it useful.

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Looks promising. If no other answers are given I will accept this one. –  sjas Dec 28 '12 at 13:31

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