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I had Fancybox setup to work with VideoJS v.2.x.x but after they re-designed the code in v.3.x, setupAllWhenReady. I used to be able to do this

    'onComplete': function () {
        jQuery("#fancybox-inner").css({ 'overflow': 'hidden' });

Now the video still plays in Chrome, I guessing because Chrome natively supports HTML videos but in Firefox it is not playing at all. First comes up the poster img and and x in the middle and when you click on it, it goes into an endless loading wheel.

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Any errors in js console? –  TJ- Dec 27 '12 at 21:24

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This is the new way to initialized a video.js player, after it gets dynamically added to the page:

var myPlayer = _V_("example_video_1");

example_video_1 is the ID of the <video> tag

Then you can use myPlayer for other API functions like play() or pause()

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