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I have a powercenter 9.1 installation on windows server 2008 R2. The repository is on the same box, hosted on sql server 2012. I have configured a new user (with sql server authentication) and have the repo db owned by that user. (it has the owner role)

The core problem : I am not able to run a simple test workflow on this setup.

Here's what I have been trying

The windows firewall has been taken down now for about an hour or so.

The repository service and integration service are running in trace/debug mode respectively.

The integration service log complains that it cant find a certain session for a certain workflow in certain folder (with ids for all of them).

When I log into sql server mgmt console, and try to query the repository tables for those exact items (since i have the ids from logs), all the data is present...

I fail to understand what is that I am messing up...

Disclaimer - my knowledge of sql server is really low.. may be 1 or 2 on scale of 10, since I have been living on the other side of fence (with oracle) for all of my career...

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Please... anybody.. anything... I am really stuck with this situation.. –  Raghav Jan 3 '13 at 16:55

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Did you try keeping the sql server login/user name and the associated default schema name as same?

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