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I am in the process of designing an application that will look like the image below. I am wondering if there is anything out there that will help me create this style of a table. I have seen three20 and other sources. I already figured out how to load images from the website I need, using JSON, now I need to put it into that view style. . It looks like it may be a basic gallery layout, but I am not sure where the best place to start may be.


EDIT: Thanks guys, this ended up being quite helpful as well: http://www.scott-sherwood.com/ios-6-uicollectionviewcontroller/

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Try to check UICollectionView https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/WindowsViews/Conceptual/CollectionViewPGforIOS/Introduction/Introduction.html

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scott-sherwood.com/ios-6-uicollectionviewcontroller This ended up being quite helpful as well. – user1933131 Dec 29 '12 at 22:51

Have a look at UICollectionView. It's perfect for that sort of thing.

Ask again with specific questions if you have them.

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The new UICollectionView framework is made for things like this, and it's really easy to use. The only downside to using a collection view is that it's only available on iOS 6+, so if you want backwards compatibility, you might want to look into third-party open source frameworks.

Here's a great tutorial on UICollectionViews to help you get started.


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