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I need to get, from an IComponentContext, a list of registered Type's that implement a particular interface.

I don't want actual instances of the types, but rather a list of Type of which I could get instances.

I want to use this list to generate subscriptions on a message bus.

How do I get all registered implementations of an interface in Autofac?

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Have you tried to use Reflection to iterate through all types within an assembly and check if they implement IComponentContext? See Getting all types that implement an interface with C# 3.5 – Nikolay Khil Dec 27 '12 at 21:32
@NikolayKhil That's not the question. I need to look through the context and find registered types. This is an Autofac-specific question. – David Pfeffer Dec 27 '12 at 21:54

With AutoFac 3.5.2 (based on this article:

first implement this function:

    using Autofac;
    using Autofac.Core;
    using Autofac.Core.Activators.Reflection;

        private static IEnumerable<Type> GetImplementingTypes<T>(ILifetimeScope scope)
            //base on article

            return scope.ComponentRegistry
                .RegistrationsFor(new TypedService(typeof(T)))
                .Select(x => x.Activator)
                .Select(x => x.LimitType);

then assume we you have builder,

var container = builder.Build();
using (var scope = container.BeginLifetimeScope())
   var types = GetImplementingTypes<T>(scope);
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I figured this out --

var types = scope.ComponentRegistry.Registrations
    .SelectMany(r => r.Services.OfType<IServiceWithType>(), (r, s) => new { r, s })
    .Where(rs => rs.s.ServiceType.Implements<T>())
    .Select(rs => rs.r.Activator.LimitType);
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ServiceType doesn't have Implements method! – Mahmoud Moravej Apr 13 '15 at 5:06
It still works with the latest Autofac. – Mathias Lykkegaard Lorenzen Jan 23 at 21:01

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