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Lets say I have something like this

@regression @monthly @A

@regression @B


I run my tests using a runner that calls cucumber tests like

cucumber --tags @regression TEST_PARAM1=something

During particular cases (based on TEST_PARAM1 value) I want to skip "Scenario:A or Scenario:B", dynamically.

Can I somehow use 'before' hook (or something else) to dynamically add @A or @B tag to the skip list based over a condition?

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This doesn't seem to possible with the current version of Cucumber. It doesn't have a public, non-deprecated API for mutating the list of tags passed on the command-line. You can only do a wrapper script that invokes cucumber and dynamically chooses tags while doing so. Or, you can embed Ruby in the cucumber.yml file.

Related: Is it possible to skip a scenario with Cucumber-JVM at run-time

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