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I'm trying to deploy a compoundjs (a.k.a. railwayjs) to Heroku or Nodejitsu as a my first end to end test of NodeJS.


  1. Node installation: 0.8.16
  2. Heroku tools installation
  3. npm install compound -g (v1.1.4-1)
  4. Sample heroku app as described in CompoundJS's Heroku guide

    compound init heroku-app
    cd heroku-app
    sudo npm link
    compound g crud post title content
  5. Adjustment in packages.json: added engines as follows

    "engines": {
      "node": "0.8.x",
      "npm": "1.1.x"
  6. foreman start -> application works perfect

  7. git add and commit
  8. git push heroku master
  9. heroku ps:scale web=1 (only first time)

After that, application is deployed and accesible through a test host of heroku. Application index works ok, but an error page is displayed when trying to create a new blog post.

According other reports, this issue is related with dependencies versions. According to git push output to heroku, following versions are being used:

   Resolving engine versions
   Using Node.js version: 0.8.14
   Using npm version: 1.1.65
   (main dependencies)
   npm http GET
   npm http GET
   npm http 200
   npm http GET
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http GET
   npm http GET
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http GET
   npm http GET
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http 200
   npm http 200

I face the same issue when deploying to nodejitsu (exactly the same). Any idea ? I'm poiting to specific dependencies versions, so I assume that this is issue would not be related with outdated dependencies used in server.


UPDATE with Nodejitsu related information:

Nodejitsu log on jitsu deploy

   info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu storni
   info:    jitsu v0.11.4, node v0.8.16
   info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
   info:    Executing command deploy
   info:    Analyzing application dependencies in server.js
   warn:    Local package version appears to be old
   warn:    The package.json version will be incremented automatically
   warn:    About to write F:\repo\mine\last-jitsu-test\package.json
   data:    {
   data:        scripts: { test: 'nodeunit test/*/*', start: 'server.js' },
   data:        name: 'last-jitsu-test',
   data:        version: '0.0.1-5',
   data:        dependencies: {
   data:            coffee-script: '>= 1.1.1',
   data:            stylus: '0.31.0',
   data:            seedjs: '0.0.4',
   data:            compound: '1.1.4-1',
   data:            ejs-ext: '0.1.4',
   data:            express: '3.0.5',
   data:            ejs: '0.8.3',
   data:            jugglingdb: '>= 0.1.0'
   data:        },
   data:        devDependencies: {
   data:            sinon: '*',
   data:            semicov: '*',
   data:            nodeunit: '*'
   data:        },
   data:        subdomain: 'storni.last-jitsu-test',
   data:        main: 'server.js',
   data:        engines: { npm: '1.1.x', node: '0.8.x' }
   data:    }
   prompt: Is this ok?:  (yes)
   info:    Creating snapshot 0.0.1-5
   info     Uploading: [=============================] 100%
   info:    Updating app last-jitsu-test
   info:    Activating snapshot 0.0.1-5 for last-jitsu-test
   info:    Starting app last-jitsu-test
   info:    App last-jitsu-test is now started
   info: on Port 80
   info:    Nodejitsu ok -> Works ok -> Displays the same error page as in Heroku deployment.

In this scenario, I've tested locally with vanilla

    node server.js
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Would love to help you but all details I see here are Heroku based. Please drop by irc (#nodejitsu@freenode) if you need an interactive support session, else just rephrase you question so a Nodejitsu support engineer can actually help you (as opposed to, it also didnt work in nodejitsu) – dscape Dec 27 '12 at 23:57
Just updated with Nodejitsu related information. Thanks ! – Javier Dec 28 '12 at 0:21
From a Nodejitsu perspective the deployment worked flawlessly and the application is running. I recommend reaching out to the compoundjs team and find out why the application code is broken. – dscape Dec 28 '12 at 10:52
What version of compound on your heroku/nodejutsu installation? – Anatoliy Dec 28 '12 at 14:35
Solved in 1.1.4-2 Thanks. – Javier Dec 28 '12 at 16:43

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