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I am using Mustache for php to render my webpages. I have been playing around with the code in the dev-branch on github and found some interesting how-to's. I know for example that is it possible to load partials dynamically by defining a helper function for them. What I can't seem to find however is a way to do nesting tags like so:


Is this possible with the help of some kind of helper or higher-order function?

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You can use Lambdas to achieve something similar. Quoting from Mustache.php's wiki:

When the value is callable — such as an anonymous function — the callable will be invoked and passed the block of text.

So, in your mustache template, the following:


With a View Class like this:

class View_Page {

    public $_article;

    public function article_field()
        return function($string)
            return $this->_article[$string];

Will output the article field whose name resides in the property's value.

Head over to Mustache.php's official wiki to read more about Lambdas and callables.

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