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I have been looking but I'm not sure I have found an adequate answer for this.

I would like to set a unique environment variable for each Environment I have in my application.

When I create my application I will have two environments: staging and production.

In the first one I want to set a custom environment variable called FUEL_ENV (this is for the framework that I use: FuelPHP) it will have the value "staging". For the second environment, FUEL_ENV will be set to "production".

Technically I can create a custom variable by using configuration files like this:

  - option_name: FUEL_ENV
    value: staging

This doesn't solve my problem unless there is a way to set variables for on each environment.

What would be the correct way to do it?

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This part isn't very clear in the docs. The option_settings are great for setting up stuff that is general to your application but not environment specific.

Two thoughts:

  • I have been wondering if there is a mechanism in the
    option-settings. files (if you are using the
    command line tools) that would allow flexible configuration for each environment.
  • It is more rigid than I think you want but there are the available PARAM1...5 parameters that are environment specific and can be set through the web-based EB console or through the optionsettings files.

You can use the second bullet I think because you only have need for 1 item to be injected into your application to determine what FUEL_ENV will be in that EB environment. The PARAM1, PARAM2 ... values are injected into PHP's $_SERVER super global so your app can pick them up there like this:


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