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I tried to create a swing test using FEST, which simply clicks a button. Unfortunately, the test hangs while executing new FrameFixture(...). I'm instantiating a controller, which internally creates a view, which extends from JFrame. The method getView() provides me this JFrame.

protected void onSetUp() {
    drawingCalculator = new FrameFixture(createCalculator());

private static MainWindow createCalculator() {
    return execute(new GuiQuery<MainWindow>() {
        protected MainWindow executeInEDT() {
            MainModel model = new MainModel();
            return new MainController(model).getView();

I can't get past the line with new FrameFixture(...). I debugged the test and it hangs in the framework at this point:


 private static Object acquireScreenLock() {
   Object screenLockOwner = new Object();
   return screenLockOwner;

Is this a framework bug or am I simply using the library wrongly?

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I was using the wrong constructor. I should have been:

 drawingCalculator = new FrameFixture(robot(), createCalculator());

This will create a new robot for this testcase.

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