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Is it possible to display/hide the On-Screen keyboard manually from code?

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No. It was a design decision (documented here) to give the end user control of the keyboard being invoked. Therefore, the end user has to touch a text box (or the like) to invoke the virtual on-screen keyboard.

From that link:

"The invocation model of the touch keyboard is designed to put the user in control of the keyboard. Users indicate to the system that they want to input text by tapping on an input control instead of having an application make that decision on their behalf. This reduces to zero the scenarios where the keyboard is invoked unexpectedly, which can be a painful source of UI churn because the keyboard can consume up to 50% of the screen and mar the application's user experience. To enable user-driven invocation, we track the coordinates of the last touch event and compare them to the location of the bounding rectangle of the element that currently has focus. If the point is contained within the bounding rectangle, the touch keyboard is invoked.

This means that applications cannot programmatically invoke the touch keyboard via manipulation of focus."

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