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I tried to use another function/method to redirect & output a notice, but it didn't work. It work fine within its own function.

  def delete_sb
    # @sb = SasaranBaru.find(params[:id])
    # @sb.destroy
    flash[:notice] = "fffff"
    render_group("flash msg")

  def render_group(notice)
    logger.debug notice
    flash[:notice] = notice
    if params[:filter]
      filter = prepare_filter_query(params[:filter])
      redirect_to "/groups?#{filter.to_query}", notice: 'okokoko okokokok '
      redirect_to "/groups", notice: 'hehehehe eheheheh'

there is no value for flash in my view.

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Is there a redirect going on after this code? A flash is only valid for one request and then disappears.

One way to test this is use:


and see if that shows up, but I suspect you are going through another controller in /group and redirecting again, losing the flash.

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omg you are correct. theres is another redirect. I missed red a request in the debug –  abigoroth Dec 28 '12 at 6:42

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