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I'm creating a simple GUI menu with 2X3 ImageButtons using PyQt4. It should look like this, except there should be images instead of text:

There should be images instead of text

I followed this tutorial: http://popdevelop.com/2010/05/an-example-on-how-to-make-qlabel-clickable/ for creating image buttons out of QLabels and I put them in grid layout.

It works fine, but my problem is that my application is supposed to be used using keyboard arrows (without mouse), so I want to make visible which label is focused before being selected.

Is it possible to do in PyQt? Thanks in advance

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One way of capturing keyboard events is done by installing an event filter in your app with installEventFilter ( QObject * filterObj ) and then filter with something like:

if event.type() == QEvent.KeyPress:
    print "Key pressed!"
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