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I have a Collection with many columns: col1,col2, WebsiteCode, CreatedDate, col3....,coln.

I want to group by WebsiteCode in a range of CreatedDate.

So I do:

map :

function Map() {
         var key={WebsiteCode:this.WebsiteCode};
         val={Count: 1};

reduce :

function Reduce(key, values) {
var res = {Total:0};
values.forEach(function(value) {
res.Total += value.Count;
return res;

And query range DateTime:

{ "CreatedDate" : { "$gte" : dateFrom , "$lte" : dateTo } }

Finally, I run this mapreduce command. The result returns not what I expected with many rows having Total = NaN Ex: {_id:{WebsiteCode:"websitecode1"}}, {value:{Total:NaN}}

But when I run count command:

db.collect.find({ "WebsiteCode" : "websitecode1", "CreatedDate" : { "$gte" : dateFrom), "$lte" : dateTo } }).count();

Result return: 927

Could you explain to me what I did wrong?

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Your reduce function must return a value that has the same shape as the emitted values. So you can't use Count in the map and Total in the reduce.

Try this instead:

function Reduce(key, values) {
    var res = {Count:0};
    values.forEach(function(value) {
        res.Count += value.Count;
    return res;
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Ok, it's done. Many thank @JohnnyHK –  Sonrobby Dec 28 '12 at 4:33

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