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I am using yeoman for my development workflow. I have installed grunt-contrib in my project folder, and added the loadnpm tasks in my gruntfile.js

However when I start my yeoman server, it keeps giving me the error that local npm module grunt-contrib not found.

I have even tried giving the absolute path to the module, to no avail. Below is the absolute path, is anything wrong with it ?

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Without the full grunt file, it is difficult to answer completely. But in my opinion there are three possible causes:

1) loadNpmTasks should have 'grunt-contrib':


2) You need to add grunt-contrib to package.json

3) You need to run 'npm install' from your project root.

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+1 for the answer –  murtaza52 Dec 30 '12 at 17:14
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Was able to get it running using another plugin grunt-jade. The below blog got me going - http://www.thedjpetersen.com/blog/supercharging_yeoman/

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