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Is there an API for the new Windows 8 progress dialog?

Here we see a Windows 8 progress dialog in its natural habitat; extracting a .zip file:

enter image description here

Note: i use the term "progress dialog" to refer to a dialog that indicates progress. Not to be confused with the Windows Shell "Progress Dialog", which has a supported IProgressDialog api.

My quick perusal of the MSDN Windows 8 Technologies list showed nothing that looked similar to something that might be related to an area of interest that i'm looking into. (i.e. just because i said it, doesn't make it true. No reason to close the question)

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It's not made available (yet) to us lowly app developers. See the forum thread here - one fine gent has rolled his own. –  Scraping Infinity Dec 28 '12 at 3:36
@SandraWalters: Nice to be referred to as a fine gent :) Shame I never had the opportunity to use my creation in a project though :( –  Ian May 30 '14 at 7:43

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As mentioned here, there is no official one available out there yet.
However, you may find some custom developed ones on the Internet.

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