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I'm using niceScroll jQuery plugin for my content. My content id #node-10 and here is CSS:

    height: 200px;
    width: 370px;
#node-10 p{

And JS:

var nice = $("html").niceScroll({cursorborder:"",autohidemode:"false",cursorcolor:"##0076A3"});  // The document page (body)

  $("#div1").html($("#div1").html()+' '+nice.version);

    $("#node-10").niceScroll({cursorborder:"",autohidemode:false,cursorcolor:"red",boxzoom:true}); // First scrollable DIV

And refresh my site. Scroll don't visible on page load but when click on my content, get scrollbar. How can i fix it?

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It's not clear if the same issue you faced.

Check color cursor setting for main page, you wrote erroneously with two hash characters "##".

Try correct with cursorcolor:"#0076A3"


You can found a working example here:

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Why clickable this content? – Slaythern Aareonna Jan 2 '13 at 12:10

Set overflow:auto; for the div first

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