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When i use the taglib to write id3v2 tag to mp3,the taglib write id3v2.4 as default. But on windows,the media player and explorer can not parse it.

How could i solve this?

code like this:

TagLib::MPEG::File* mpegfile//i've already new the instance
TagLib::ID3v2::Tag* id3v2tag = mpegfile->ID3v2Tag();
id3v2tag->setTitle("taylor swift");

the header version is id3 v2.4 but i wanna save as id3 v2.3

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Can you give a little more information about your problem? Can you post any code you've written, so the community can take a look? – derekerdmann Dec 28 '12 at 3:46

The save method of the MPEG::File has several overloads like this:

bool save(int tags, bool stripOthers, int id3v2Version);

You therefore best don't simply call mpegfile->save; but

mpegfile->save( TagLib::MPEG::File::AllTags, true, 3);

For every overload see the source file

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