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I am trying to learn linking db with mvc.

Following the instruction on MS tutorials trying to build a controller. right click on controller and add a controller, but the data-context pre built by LINQ-to-SQL in VSExpress does not fit, is there any tutorial shows how to build a connection between built db and mvc web page from zero to pros

enter image description here

the result after clicking "Add" return Unsupported context type.

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Check the below Scottgu's blog link. It may help you.

linq to sql

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Thanks, a nice tutorial with LINQ-to-SQL, is there any other article that discuss how to due with the mvc controller? – kitw Dec 28 '12 at 4:06

The templates of ASP.Net MVC use Entity Framework code first and not LINQ-to-SQL. You can either change to use Entity Framework or use new templates (I know somebody who did this but I don't know how).

Here is an example that uses Linq-to-SQL with ASP.Net MVC3 but it creates the classes manually, you would still need to create your own templates.

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