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In Linux kernel version 3.5, in file kernel/printk.c there is a function call

trace_console(text, 0, len, len); @line 1219

I am not able to find the definition of this function. I greped the complete kernel for it and also tried it with cscope and ctags, but still I was not able to find the definition for it. Is there any concept I am missing for the same ?

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That's because it is hidden inside a macro (or rather, TWO macros, one for tracing enabled, one for when it's turned off) in include/linux/tracepoints.h:

__DECLARE_TRACE definition when tracing is enabled.

__DECLARE_TRACE definition when tracing is disabled.

Tracing is enabled/disabled with the CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS in your .config

The actual trace_console is generated in include/trace/events/printk.h: TRACE_EVENT_CONDITION

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Thanks for the answer !! – Siddharth Dec 30 '12 at 7:14

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