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I have scenario in which I am accessing TFS from outlook. I am doing the customization using office add-in.

I don't want the users to give TFS connection setting every time they access TFS for the first time after opening outlook.

I want to create a setup form where I can save the setting using the client file system. How can i do that ?

can some one point to an example or code snippet.

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Any reason you can't just auth as the user logged into windows? (eg specify no auth details in the constructor, just a url to tfs). –  Betty Dec 30 '12 at 20:11
I don't want to save the credential. Instead I want to store the collection and project setting –  Gainster Feb 5 '13 at 22:29
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Have you looked into using MAPIFolder.GetStorage? You should be able to store any custom data in a hidden message in any folder, Inbox being probably the best place.

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"I want to create a setup form where I can save the setting using the client file system"

The connection details to connect to TFS use windows security, storing this info in a local file is not a good idea.

When you make a connection to TFS with the Team Explorer, it will try to connect with your current credentials to the TFS environment. There are two scenarios in which you want something else:

1) You current identity has no access to TFS and you are prompted for the credentials every time you make a connection to TFS

2) Your current identity has access to TFS, but you want to connect to TFS with other credentials.

You can achieve this by adding the credentials you want to use to create the connection to TFS to the "Stored users and passwords". Just add in there the address of you TFS server and the credentials. The next time you access TFS, those credentials will be used.


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