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I am trying to compile OpenCV's sample Android projects, but am facing a difficulty. I get this error: Program "ndk-build.cmd" not found in PATH

The projects that use NDK C/C++ do not compile. All others compile successfully. I tried to fix the issue by editing the C/C++ Build Environment and the GNU C++ Includes. Both of these did not work. I don't think I'm doing this right. I am using Windows 7 for Android Development. An online forum suggested adding a path that includes ../android-ndk-r8/.. but this "android-ndk-r8" directory doesn't exist in OpenCV-2.4.2-android-sdk and I cannot find something thats equivalent.

I've been trying to fix this for a week but to no gain. Its really frustrating to not be able to get down to coding. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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have you downloaded Android NDK to build you native library? –  hotveryspicy Dec 28 '12 at 4:51
I have installed the NDK but don't know what to add to the PATH –  user1210233 Dec 28 '12 at 6:42

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Have u installed the android ndk bundle rom android ??? android-ndk-r8 can be downloaded at the below location


You have download ndk package from android to work with c/c++ code. OpenCv will not contain ndk package.


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i Would like you to take look on the Following Link and Stack Post

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Perhaps you haven't specified the PATH. Maybe this answer would help.

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Right click on project -> go to project properties -> Go to C/C++ build -> Build Variables -> Add your environment variable named NDKROOT (Name) with the relevant path (Value) (Exactly where your NDK is there). Note that you need to repeat this per NDK project.

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