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My girlfriend bought the upgrade from win7 x64 to win8 x64 today and the install went very smoothly (We did upgrade, not clean install. I recommended it but we did not... and we are not, so please do not suggest a fresh install.)

The fancy live tiles do not work except for the user-installed programs (iTunes, Google Chrome, etc). The tiles such as Finance, mail, sports, games, etc. do not work, and are unresponsive.

  • It is not Avast, she has never installed Avast.
  • It is not AVG, Zone alarm, CCleaner, Malwearbytes. All of those are not on the computer / were removed and the computer restarted.
  • It is not UAC, it is set to default
  • It is not a local user issue, both users are local
  • sfc /scannow returned no answers.

Thanks for any help that I receive.

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jst try to relaunch those applications.. –  Subrat nayak. Dec 28 '12 at 6:06
This is a site for programming questions, not PC support. –  Sparky Dec 28 '12 at 19:17

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Go into app store and find all your apps installed. I know you may have not installed anything, but there is I believe 15 default apps that came with Windows (calendar, mail, weather etc.)

Re-install them by marking them all and choose install option at the bottom. It may take a while depending on what kind of connection you are, but trust me... that's the only thing that helped me. All tiles are working again, finally!

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The Finance, Mail, Sports, News, etc. apps all use push notification, so they need to be launched once to connect with the server to start the live tile updates.

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