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Am using struts2 jquery tabbed pannel to display tabs in my webpage . Each tab will contain a grid which will hit the server to get values to the grid . I successfully achieved in loading data on click of the respective tabs.

Issue :

I found that , on each click of tab the page is getting reloaded , But i want the page and its content (Including the Grid ) to be loaded once for the session .

Please advice me what to do further .

i referred the below link : Struts2-Jquery Showcase

In the above link please navigate : Widgets -> Tabs -> Remote Tabs with Topics

I tried the exact procedure given in the website but of no use .

If needed any code for clarification . please let me know .

FYI : Any negative voting , please guide me what is the reason for .


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Try to add the attribute cache=true to the TabbedPanelTag tag so

<sj:tabbedpanel id="remotetabs" selectedTab="1" show="true" cache="true">
        <sj:tab id="tab1" href="%{remoteurl1}" label="Remote Tab One"/>
        <sj:tab id="tab2" href="%{remoteurl2}" label="Remote Tab Two"/>
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Thank you Quincy – Esh Dec 28 '12 at 9:53

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