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I am new for extjs. I am having one store in which i am having some data coming from json file. I have created a form. i want to save new data in that store through form. How can I create button and submit form on that button's click? please let me know. Thanks in advance

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If you're using ExtJS 4 and your form is bound to a 'model' instance, then you get get a reference to your model in your buttons click handler and call:


Which will send a post request to the url defined as the proxy on the model class.

Post your code and perhaps we can be some more direct help.

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In the API of ExtJS is a good example on how to create a Ext.form.Panel with a button. When you click on this button the form gets submitted.
This example doesn't work because it doesn't submit to a page but it is very configurable.

Snippet of the button+handler:

buttons: [{
    text: 'Submit',
    handler: function() {
        var form = this.up('form').getForm();
        if (form.isValid()) {
                url: '', //this is the url where the form gets submitted
                success: function(form, action) {
                   Ext.Msg.alert('Success', action.result.msg);
                failure: function(form, action) {
                    Ext.Msg.alert('Failed', action.result.msg);
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