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Android Service

I Am New In Android And I Am Not Familiar About Services. So Please Give Me A Small Application So That I Understand Services.

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bro just Google i t, you will definitely get lots of example related ot Services. –  Rstar Dec 28 '12 at 6:53

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A Service is a component which runs in the background, without interacting with the user. So, if you want to perform some task at the background.

a service might handle network transactions, play music, perform file I/O, or interact with a content provider, all from the background.

First read some tutorials on Service Android Service Tutorial and Android Services

You will find good examples here in Android Services Example and Example of Services

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I googled "android service example" and got a newbie example.
Hope it will help.
Did it because you are a newbie in Android and in StackOverflow. But this kind of questions are not welcomed in stackoverflow. First do your searches and when you are stuck, people will try to help you.

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