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    <div data-role="page">

    <div align="center" id="mainPageContent1" data-role="content">    
            <div data-role="controlgroup" id="game_part1s" data-type="horizontal">

<a data-role='button' id='btn1' href='javascript:changeGamePart("Reset1");'>0 - 5 min</a>
<a data-role='button' id='btn2' href='javascript:changeGamePart("2");'>6 - 10 min</a>
<a data-role='button' id='btn3' href='javascript:changeGamePart("3");'>10 - 15 min</a>
<a data-role='button' id='btn4' href='javascript:changeGamePart("4");'>16 - 20 min</a>

    </div><!-- /page -->

$(document).ready(function() {
function setInitialGamePart() {
function changeGamePart(nButtonId) {
    for (var iPart = 1; iPart < 5; iPart++) {
        if (nButtonId == iPart) {
    //alert('add class' + iPart);
            $('#btn' + iPart).addClass("ui-btn-active");
            } else {
    //alert('remove class' + iPart);
                $('#btn' + iPart).removeClass("ui-btn-active");


On Page Init, the setInitialGamePart is called and it sets the first button as active and rest as not active. When I click any other button, all buttons go not active(normal buttons not highlighted)

Not sure what is the error here

JSFiddle here

As you will see, the init works fine but clicking on the button does not. help please

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I fixed this by changing the href to href='#' so old code was

<a data-role='button' id='btn1' href='javascript:changeGamePart("1");'>0 - 5 min</a>

my new code looks like

<a data-role='button' id='btn1' href='#' onclick='javascript:changeGamePart("1");'>0 - 5 min</a>

Got the hint from this stack.. jquery mobile force ui-btn-active on navbar button

Here is the JSFiddle for you guys

Hope it helps you

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