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I have an image template variable that is working, as far as selecting an image and having it display properly on my page. However, I am unable to "clear" the value of the image TV once set for a page. I'm assuming I need to put something into the default value for the TV, then hit the small "set to default" green arrow on the templates TV page, but I've tried "", " ", and "<!-- No Image -->" to no success.

This must be an easy thing I'm overlooking.

Thanks, Chris

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Do you mean in the manager when editing a resource? Click in the image TV dropdown and hit backspace to clear out the value, then save.

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Thanks! I just got an answer to this on the MODX forums at roughly the same time too. I had no idea that the drop downs were actually text-boxes as well. –  Dakine83 Dec 29 '12 at 21:02

How about

[[*imagetv:empty=`<img src="/assets/img/no_img.jpg">`]]
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This won't solve the problem of having selected an image, then wanting to empty that tv. Also, I prefer that no html be put on the page if the tv is empty. –  Dakine83 Dec 29 '12 at 1:27

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