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I am using Facebook graph API to get Facebook details. But I am getting profile image as resized.


enter image description here

I tried changing _s to _n. But still am getting size of 180x134. But original image size is 260 × 194.

How can I get the original images without resizing in iphone?

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If you want to get the exactly image size, you can try fql query

$fql="SELECT id, width, height, url, is_silhouette, real_width, real_height FROM profile_pic WHERE id=me() AND height=260 AND width=194";

$avt = $facebook->api(array(
                         'query' =>$fql,
$avt = & $avt[0]['url'];

I am using php, you can learn more here

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Use this:[page id/profile id]/picture?type=large
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I want the original[page id/profile id]/picture?type=large gives resized image only. – user1645198 Dec 28 '12 at 9:54

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