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I am trying to automate test cases using robotium. The problem that I am facing is that my app has, like all apps, lots of activities. So I dont want to test the whole application again and again, but only specific activity. How can I do this.

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I cheat - I add a simple activity with buttons that can launch any other activity, with sample parameters, where needed. I then use Robotium to launch a specific activity and test it, rather than the full application. Once this is done though, I pretty much follow to make sure I do proper, full-cover testing for my application.

The last step is to remove this dummy "menu" activity from the application.

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in constructor of robotium test we write super("com.example.helloworld1",MainActivity.class); where instead of MainActiviry.class we can write OwnActivity.class. Here OwnActivity is the activity from where we want to start testing our application.

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