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This is my current directory structure

/ <-- current working Dir

I am trying to execute the following groovy commands

def cp = 'cp -f *.php /tmp/'
def cpProc = cp.execute(null, new File('./php/')
log.info 'current exitvalue :' + cpProc.exitValue()
log.info 'current proc out : ' + cpProc.text

but I keep getting cp: cannot stat *.php': No such file or directory, I've verified the files exist and I've verified my current working directory

if I execute log.info 'ls -la'.execute(null, new File('./php/')) I see the PHP and .txt files.

This seems like a long shot but I think there might be a bug with using wild cards for commands when executing them in a specified working directory, unless there's something I'm missing?

I'm using groovy 1.7.5

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this version works for me, just try it out:

    #!/usr/bin/env groovy

    command = ["sh", "-c", "cp -f *.php /tmp/"]
    def cpProc = command.execute(null, new File('./php/'))
    print 'current exitvalue :' + cpProc.exitValue() + '\n'
    print 'current proc out : ' + cpProc.text + '\n'

    print 'ls -la'.execute(null, new File('/tmp/')).text

The first answer on this question explains why your version did not work: Groovy execute "cp *" shell command

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