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I want to fetch record from mysql database on following condition

I have the following tables:

  • organization_ Table

    organizationId | organizationname
  • campaign Table

    camp_id | camp_name | adv_id | organizationId
  • advertise Table

    adv_id | adv_name
  • ad_display Table

    ad_displayId | adv_id | camp_id |

Now from ad_display table I want to fetch record like this:

| adv_name | camp_name | organizationname

With WHERE Condtion as Where organizationId == ?

So basically I want the advertise list of campaign where organization_id=?

Note: there should be multiple entry for same adv_id in camapign table and same camp_id with multiple entry in ad_display

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Try this:

SELECT ad.ad_displayId, a.adv_name, c.camp_name, o.organizationname 
FROM ad_display ad 
INNER JOIN advertise a ON ad.adv_id = a.adv_id 
INNER JOIN campaign c ON ad.camp_id = c.camp_id 
INNER JOIN organization o ON c.organizationId = o.organizationId 
WHERE o.organizationId = ?;
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thnx ...its worked..actually am new to this mysql and also for sql query...but u all guys are quick..tnx for this –  Bhavik Kama Dec 28 '12 at 12:05

Maybe something like this?

SELECT Distinct
  advertise inner join campaign
  on advertise.adv_id = campaign.adv_id
  inner join organization_
  on campaign.organizationID = organization_.organizationID
  organization_.organizationID = 1
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use below code

select dv_name, camp_name, organizationname

from organization

INNER JOIN campaign ON organization.organizationId == campaign.organizationId left JOIN advertise on campaign.adv_id==advertise.adv_id

where condition =?

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SELECT  advertise.adv_name, 
FROM   ad_display 
    INNER JOIN advertise ON ad_display.adv_id = advertise.adv_id 
    INNER JOIN campaign ON ad_display.camp_id = campaign.camp_id 
    INNER JOIN organization_ Table ON campaign.organizationId = organization_Table.organizationId
    AND organization_Table.organizationId=?
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SELECT * FROM campaign
LEFT JOIN ad_display ON campaign.camp_id = ad_display.camp_id
LEFT JOIN advertise ON ad_display.adv_id = advertise.adv_id
WHERE campaign.organizationId = <?>
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