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Currently, we are using the version 3.6.9.Final for all our Hibernate libraries, including Hibernate Envers for our audit revisions.

We want to move to the 4.1.8.Final version (to use the @Audited(withModifiedFlag = true) among others things), but only for Hibernate Envers. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work. When I modify an @Audited entity, Envers does not save the revision.

Maybe it's due to the definition of the listeners? With 3.6.9, I set the following properties in my hibernate.properties file:


As far as I know, the version 4 of Envers does not need these declarations anymore. Without them, I get no error, but the revision are not created. I can't set these declarations back, as the classes are not the same between v3 and v4 (especially org.hibernate.envers.event.AuditEventListener that does not exist anymore).

So is there a way to make it work?

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No, that is not possible, you must use the same Hibernate and Envers versions.

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