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I am using knockout to dynamically add rows and columns to a table but further i need to reorder columns by dragging and dropping.Below is my view and model.


    <table id="gridTable">
    <tr data-bind="foreach: activeColumns">
      <th data-bind="text: display"></th>
    <tbody id="sortable" data-bind="foreach: rows">
     <tr data-bind="foreach: $root.activeColumns">
            <span  data-bind="visible: readonly, text: $parent[property]"></span>
            <input data-bind="visible: !readonly, value: $parent[property]"/>


rows: ko.observableArray([
new Person(1, "Bob", 44),
new Person(2, "Ted", 22),
new Person(3, "Jane", 55),
new Person(4, "Sue", 11)
activeColumns: ko.observableArray([{property: 'id', display: 'ID', readonly: true},
{property: 'name', display: 'Name', readonly: false}, {property: 'age', display: 'Age',
readonly: false}]),
addColumn: function() {
    var newProperty = this.newAttribute();
    var newProperty1= this.selectedCategory();
    this.activeColumns.push({property: newProperty, display: newProperty, readonly: 
    ko.utils.arrayForEach(this.rows(), function(row) {
        if (!row[newProperty]) {
        row[newProperty] = ko.observable();
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You might want to check out Knockout Sortable github.com/rniemeyer/knockout-sortable –  xdumaine Dec 28 '12 at 15:01

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Using dragtable.js solved the problem.Used following link


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