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I'm trying to save a PDF file directly to db oracle (not a path) by stored_procedure function in codeigniter framework

i modified the _execute() function at oci8_driver.php file and add this

protected function _execute($sql)
    $this->stmt_id = FALSE;
    $myarray = $this->binds;

  if (is_array($myarray)) {
  foreach ($myarray as $value)     {     
  if ($value['type'] ===  113 )

$this->lob = oci_new_descriptor($this->conn_id, OCI_D_LOB);

  }  }

    $exec_worked = ociexecute($this->stmt_id, $this->_commit);

            if (is_array($myarray)) {    
        foreach ($myarray as $value)     {
           if ($value['type'] ===  113 )
      oci_execute($this->stmt_id, OCI_DEFAULT);

      $this->lob->savefile($value['value'] );



and modify the _bind_param() function in the same file adding this lines

     if ($param['type'] === 113)
          oci_bind_by_name($this->stmt_id , $param['name'], $this->lob,    $param['length'], OCI_B_BLOB);

but the problem is it save files twice ...i test the procedure itself and the model function all show that it executed one time, i don't know where the duplication occur

is my modification cause the problem and what i should do?

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Call $this->db->simple_query() instead of $this->db->query() and/or $this->db->stored_procedure().

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