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There is list.

<select id="select_box">
  <option>Select State</option>
  <option value='state1'>State 1<option>
  <option value='state2'>State 2<option>

How can i set value of the text 'Select State' as '-1' i.e. list become

<select id="select_box">
  <option value='-1'>Select State</option>
  <option value='state1'>State 1<option>
  <option value='state2'>State 2<option>

I have tried

    .find('Select State')
    .append('<option value="-1">Select State</option>');

But, due to above code, it displays at the end of select box. I want to maintain the order.

Thanks in advance.

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Why not just...

$('#select_box')[0].options[0].value = -1;

... as you're able to update value property of this <option> element (and in fact, it's much better than removing previous element, then appending a new one).

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With jQuery you could always use

$('#select_box option:first').val('-1');

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$("select_box option:first-child").attr('value', '-1');


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Try looping all options and check for the inner text and replace the value

$('#select_box option').each(function()
    if($(this).text()=="Select State"){
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You can use the following code to find the requested element:

var $option = $('#select_box').find('option:contains("Select State")');

After that you can change the value of the element:

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