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i dont know what im doing wrong, but sorl-thumb just upload the image but dont make thumbs...


 from sorl.thumbnail.fields import ImageWithThumbnailsField ,ThumbnailField

 imagen = ImageWithThumbnailsField(upload_to='images',
                                      thumbnail={'size': (75, 75)},
                                      extra_thumbnails={'icon': {'size': (25, 25),'options': ['crop', 'upscale']},
                                                        'large': {'size': (200, 400)},



What more i need guys?, im followed the doc's.


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Do you have PIL (Python Image Library) installed? –  Jason Christa Sep 10 '09 at 22:53
Yes, sure!!! man, the sorl is working in template but not in the model... –  Asinox Sep 11 '09 at 1:45

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Did you read the documentation on when thumbnails are created?

You haven't actually explained exactly what your problem is. Edit your original question to show something you are trying to do (along with both the actual and expected results).

EDIT: As the docs say, your images are not created until they are used. If you want thumbs to be generated when the image is initially uploaded, use the generate_on_save attribute like this:

ImageWithThumbnailsField(..., generate_on_save=True)
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SmileyChris well, i dont know if im wrong but my problem is that sorl dont make thumbs when im trying to upload the file... but is fine...the real good thing here is for me is using in the Template :) –  Asinox Sep 13 '09 at 15:14
Edited the comment to reiterate what was already said in the documentation. –  SmileyChris Sep 13 '09 at 20:56
Thanks :), i never saw this in the doc's jeje, thanks :) –  Asinox Sep 13 '09 at 21:00

I dont know sorl, but I would say, you need to add ImageWithThumbnailsField as a field inside a model

class MyImage(models.Model):
    image = ImageWithThumbnailsField(upload_to='images',
                                      thumbnail={'size': (75, 75)},
                                      extra_thumbnails={'icon': {'size': (25, 25),'options': ['crop', 'upscale']},
                                                        'large': {'size': (200, 400)},
    name= models.CharField(maxlength=100)

ImageWithThumbnailsField in sorl-documentation

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yes man sorry but is there, just i dont copy the model class, but is there :) –  Asinox Sep 11 '09 at 1:41
did it answer ur question? –  vikingosegundo Sep 14 '09 at 20:59
ah, now i understand, what u wanted to say –  vikingosegundo Sep 14 '09 at 21:01

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