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I make grid that results from joining 2 tables CustomerInfo and Offers Made the column of Offers.OfferDescription as dropdownlist, and when it comes to edit mode, it turn to textbox and when I update I get that error

The multi-part identifier "Offers.OfferDescription" could not be bound

and this is my code for selecting

SELECT CustomerInfo.NationalID, CustomerInfo.FNama, CustomerInfo.LName,      
CustomerInfo.MobileNumber, Offers.OfferDescription 
FROM CustomerInfo INNER JOIN Offers ON CustomerInfo.OfferID = Offers.OfferID 
WHERE (CustomerInfo.UserName = @UserName)

and this is my code for updating

UPDATE      CustomerInfo
SET         PhoneNumber = @PhoneNumber, Offers.OfferDescription = @OfferDescription, FNama = @FNama, LName = @LName, OfferID = @OfferID
FROM        CustomerInfo AS CustomerInfo_1 INNER JOIN Offers ON CustomerInfo_1.OfferID = Offers.OfferID CROSS JOIN CustomerInfo
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try to run the UPDATE statement in SQL Management studio, passing or replacing the parameters, I guess it does not work either, you have to fix the issue there... –  Davide Piras Dec 28 '12 at 10:55
Whyy is this even tagged "VB.NET" - there is only SQL. Why don't you also tag it with what you ate for breakfast? Same relevance. This is a pure "I have a problem writing a SQL update statement" type of problem. No VB.NET involved. –  TomTom Dec 28 '12 at 10:56
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2 Answers

You can only do an UPDATE or INSERT into one table at a time (Updating multiple tables with inner join). In your update query, you are trying to update two tables. Please try to update using two queries like:

UPDATE      CustomerInfo
SET         PhoneNumber = @PhoneNumber,  FNama = @FNama, LName = @LName, OfferID = @OfferID
FROM        CustomerInfo, Offers
WHERE       CustomerInfo.OfferID = Offers.OfferID


UPDATE      Offers
SET         OfferDescription = @OfferDescription
FROM        CustomerInfo, Offers
WHERE       CustomerInfo.OfferID = Offers.OfferID

(Please confirm about the column names used in the set operation)

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you`re right. what I really want to do is, the customer fill the form and choose any offer, then when I show him the grid, he has the option to change offer he chose, that`s why I`m trying to do that. will your solution fix it for me ? –  Marly Dec 28 '12 at 11:22
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You are trying to update Offers.OfferDescription in an update of CustomerInfo ....

UPDATE      CustomerInfo

SET PhoneNumber = @PhoneNumber, Offers.OfferDescription =

You can't update a column of a foreign table (b) in an update of table (a).

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where is problem ? –  Marly Dec 28 '12 at 11:08
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