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Here I have multiple ajax links. On clicking on links the juidialogbox is opening. For first time it is working fine. But I have defined an ajax back button in which I have to go back and again come to this page. After second time renderPartial the pop up is not coming. Please, help me to resolve this issue.

<td><?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink(
    array('mis/getBeneficiarydetails', 'idno' => $value['IDNO']), 
    array( 'beforeSend' => 'function(){
      'success' => 'function(r){
          return false;
      'complete' => 'function(){
      }', array('id' => 'showjuiDialogbox' . $i, 'live' => false), )); 
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So what is your question? You'll have to be more descriptive than this. What are your trying to do? What are the expected results? What is not working as it should? –  Ivan Ferić Dec 28 '12 at 11:39
For Multiple ajax reuest cjuidialog box pop up not second time renderPartial to a page it loads the page twice so that i think thats the to fix the issue?Please.......... –  user1755949 Dec 28 '12 at 13:20
Here i have defined the ajax links: <td><?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink($value['Name'], array('mis/getBeneficiarydetails', 'idno' => $value['IDNO']), array( 'beforeSend' => 'function(){$("#update_selector").addClass("loading");}', 'success' => 'function(r){$("#juiDialogbox").html(r).dialog("open"); return false;}', 'complete' => 'function(){$("#update_selector").removeClass("loading");}', array('id' => 'showjuiDialogbox' . $i, 'live' => false), )); </td> –  user1755949 Dec 28 '12 at 13:29
You should also update the question with some code - the parts you believe are responsible for the problem you're trying to solve.. And, I see that you're mentioning here I have multiple times, but there are no links to what you're referring to. Should there be any links or are you just struggling with English? To add the link to the question, you should select the text where you want to put the link, and then click on the icon that looks like a globe with a little green arrow. A popup should occur where you should enter desired link.. –  Ivan Ferić Dec 28 '12 at 13:35
I've updated your question with the code you provided. Maybe you could also add the differences between outputted HTML when you're coming to this page first time and the outputted HTML when you're returning with the back button. –  Ivan Ferić Dec 28 '12 at 13:51

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