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If I have a common static method in a class named Language.CheckLanguage(), and I want all action class execute() method will call CheckLanguage() like this

public String execute(){
  // DO Business logic...
  Return Action.SUCCESS;

Or any other convenient way?

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Do it in a base Action, and extend it from any Action.

Then call super() as first row of every execute().

But, if you want it to be executed for every method, not only execute(), then you should write an Interceptor.

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Or if you are already using spring you could use AOP, before all calls to execute() then call that method... So your choices are: Inheritance, Interceptor, AOP. I think the order they are written is from highest to lowest coupling. Since you are checking the language parameter to presumably take some action, this does seem to be a good candidate for an Interceptor. – Quaternion Dec 28 '12 at 20:59

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