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I need to access the full set of .NET and Windows classes from the MSDN documentation. I've installed the MSDN docs from the Visual Studio 2012 DVD. I know of the URL method of programatically accessing classes and documentation data, but I'm looking to see if there's a faster method. I'm creating a VS addin that brings documentation of Windows API and other features into the VS IDE, and so I need an offline copy of the docs. How can I quickly access and download the MSDN documentation with all classes and data therein?

I'm currently reviewing:

Not useful:

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The api is undocumented. Buying the product from this guy at least isolates you somewhat from future breaking changes. – Hans Passant Dec 28 '12 at 16:33
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Check out the Microsoft Help Viewer 2 Runtime API Samples on CodePlex. It provides source code to help you get started with the Help Viewer 2.0 API, including:

HV2ApiExplore.sln - A utility that explores all aspects of the Help Viewer 2.0 API

HV2Viewer.sln - A simple HV 2.0 Help Viewer.

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