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Here I want to get a generic idea/approach as how to go about converting a scribbling into digital text (may be vice-versa as well but not in the scope of current discussion).

For this I am willing to use only html5, js and css3 and some server side scripting may be php.

So in the given scenario a user should be able to scribble some text using mouse or any touch device (iPad etc. ) and in run time or at some click event it should change to text.(use of html5 canvas is one option for scribbling)

Do we have any open source library from where I can start ? Or even if I have to start from scratch then what should be starting point. Steps to keep in mind etc.? Use of technology ?

Can some of you give me an idea as how to achieve this? Suggesting the right direction is highly appreciated.

I am willing to keep it an open discussion. So feel free to pour in your thoughts. Cheers!


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