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Possible Duplicate:
‘ \ ’-Invalid character constant?

In Java, I am trying to initialize a char variable like below, which it is not allowing.

char ch = '\';

Any reason behind this? It's giving a compilation error.

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you need to escape the backslash. '\\' – rahulroc Dec 28 '12 at 12:11
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you need to escape it:

char backslash = '\\';
char quotation = '\'';

The reason is, this \' is a single quotation mark.

System.out.println(backslash); // prints \
System.out.println(quotation); // prints '
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Characters like \, " and ' hold special meaning. Therefore to use them as character literals, you need to escape them. They need to be written as '\\', '\'' and '\"' respectively.
e.g. char c = '\\';

Similarly, to include them in strings, you need to escape them.
e.g. String path = "C:\\Program Files\\Java"

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