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I am trying to achieve a burning matchstick effect on table. So its top down view with zero gravity. Wherever the matchstick goes it's attached fire should follow linearly. So I believe prismatic joints is what I need.

My matchstick is a rectangle and my fire is a sensor circle.

I went through this tutorial on prismatic joint. At one place it says "Setting the bodies to the same translation values 'Clamps' bodies together". But when I tried this, bodyB doesn't slide.

  1. prismaticJoint->setLimit(transVal,transVal);
  2. Although this one works:

(where transVal is well within limits.)

In method 1, when I print prismaticJoint->getJointTranslation, it always shows 0.000 (or -0.000).

In method 2, bodyB does slide and the translation values are correct But then my bodyA also starts moving in the opposite direction to the localAxisA as if bodyA is being pushed back because of the slide.

I want my matchstick not to be affected by the linear movement of the joint. My Fire should stay impervious to any bumps caused by other objects on the table.


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Yes, 'clamped together' means they don't slide, because they act as if they are stuck/fixed/welded together. How about if you change the value of transVal gradually, and do setLimit every timeStep? You can make the flame sensor fixture very light (low density) so that its movement does not affect the match. –  iforce2d Dec 28 '12 at 18:16
Thanks,that does work,but what if my matchstick is edge shaped instead of rectangle?Edge shapes don't have much inhernt mass,i suppose and because of that the same behaviour is shown.I do have that kind of scenario too. –  Nikhil Verma Dec 29 '12 at 5:54
The simplest approach would be to add a fixture that does have mass (eg. polygon or circle) to the body to give it some mass. You can set the collision mask bits of this extra fixture so it doesn't play a part in any collisions. So the body would have some mass, but only the edge would be used to collide with other things. –  iforce2d Dec 29 '12 at 10:12
Thanks for the tip and your tutorials are awesome btw. :) –  Nikhil Verma Dec 29 '12 at 18:15

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